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Complete jobs faster with more run time and less downtime with the HydraFlex Switchblade Deuce. A (2 Pill) 0° solid stream nozzles provide greater impingement, allowing you to cut through soil faster while using dramatically less water. The Switchblade Ace’s long, linear flow path is ideally suited for trenching applications.

These heavy duty, high impact nozzles are constructed with stainless steel housings and tungsten carbide wear surfaces to withstand harsh environments and provide longer life than stainless steel nozzle tips.

Non-conductive urethane coating on the nozzle body protects the operator and sensitive underground utilities.

Individual, replaceable, color-coded nozzle pills allow you to change water flow rate and pattern based on current soil conditions.

Quick Specs
Nozzle Size: 2.0
Nozzle Pills: 2
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3,200 PSI (220 bar)
Maximum Water Temperature: 180° F
Housing Material: Stainless Steel
Coating Material: Urethane
Nozzle Tip Material: Tungsten Carbide
Inlet Connection Thread: 1/2″ NPT inlet
Flow Rate (GPM)
Nozzle size is based off industry standard flow rates at 4,000 PSI